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For all those times when you need some advice but don’t know who to ask. From the little stuff to the really big stuff. MyDilemma makes everyday decisions easier.

Can’t decide what to wear on a first date. Having issues with your friends or problems at work. All you have to do is post your dilemma and then sit back and let your MyDilemma friends help you.

There’s even a post anonymously function for those times when you don’t want anyone to know it’s you.

Don’t forget just the way others are helping you, they need some help too. So, get voting & help others, after all a dilemma shared is a dilemma answered. - from the really important stuff to the fun stuff.  What should you wear tonight?  What city should you take your girlfriend to?  Which lipstick looks better?



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Download now and join the fun

Download now and join the fun